Oslo Pride Business Forum 2023

Towards a more inclusive and diverse work environment

June 27th, Clarion Hotel Oslo, Bjørvika 09:00 - 16:00

Detailed program and more speakers to follow!



Oslo Pride Business Forum 2023

Welcome to the most important diversity and inclusion conference in Norway -
Oslo Pride Business Forum. We invite participants from Norwegian businesses, industry, international experts on diversity and inclusion, politicians, students, employees and employers to a conference about creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment. During the conference, we will hear from important voices and build networks that cultivate and strengthen interaction in Norwegian business and industry in the efforts and awareness of the conference's themes. The conference will discuss the importance of an inclusive and diverse work environment on an individual, corporate and societal level.

The conference is divided into 4 parts:

1. The first theme of the day is about the value of diversity and inclusion on an individual level. Caroline Farberger, partner and chairwoman of the investment company Wellstreet, will kickstart the event by telling her story. Caroline lived as Carl until 2018 and is known for being the first in the Nordic region to come out as transgender in an executive business position.  

2. Before lunch, we will dive into the second theme, which is about the value of diversity and inclusion on a corporate level. One of our keynote speakers, Jannick Friis Christensen, will talk about pinkwashing and how corporations can support the movement without fear of being guilty of pinkwashing.

Lunch is reserved from 12:00 - 13:00

3. The third topic of the day concerns the value of solid diversity and inclusion strategies on a societal level. We also want to understand more about how this affects the world we are living in and how corporations efficiently can be a tool to beat outsiderness.

4. We finish the day discussing a dilemma present for numerous Norwegian companies; how to navigate between the corporates' growth strategy and desire for market access while implementing a global diversity and inclusion strategy globally, especially when the companies operate in countries where LGBTQIA+ fundamental rights are limited.


Oslo Pride Business Forum is made possible by the help from our partners. Together we push towards a more inclusive and diverse work force.
Thank you for your contribution <3

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